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Pachermo Peak Climbing 24 Days

Pachermo Peak Climbing 24 Days


Picturesque villages, turbulent river gorges along the routes

Visit old Buddhist monasteries, typical Sherpa villages , and great mountain views.

Most beautiful but adventure Tashi Lapcha pass (5755m.)offers the Saipal Himalayan range within 180 deg angle.

Experience the Sherpa and other ethnic groups and their lifestyles

Located at an altitude of 6273 meters, Pachermo peak is another famous peak in Nepal.  It is situated in a Rolwaling Himalayan region which can be approached either from Rolwaling or from Khumbu valley. As there are no guesthouses along the routes, both treks have to be fully organized and perfectly planned. Lying to the south of Tasi Lapcha this pinnacle looks really attractive when seen from the pass. Pachermo Peak is a straightforward snow peak which was first ascended in 1955. 

The Mandala Lamasangu to Everest map calls the peak Parchoma, which is quite possibly a spelling mistake. Shipton's and Gregory's went to survey the peak and  both surveys gave the peak an altitude of approximately 6,318 meters. The Rolwsaling valley is the main access to Pachermo and can be seen from the pass. 

The pinnacle is an attractive beauty which is a straightforward snow peak with a properly defined North by a North-West ridge. It arises from the relatively flat, crevassed glacier astride the Tesi Lapcha. The faces form a uniform snow slope broken by crevasses and small seracs rising amazingly from the rocky lower buttresses from the Drolambau Glacier to the west of the ridge.

If Pachhermo peak climbing itinerary is not suitable for you, we design another itinerary as per your desire and duration of holidays in Nepal. We make this Pachhermo peak climbing itinerary short and long according to your wishes. Pachhermo peak climbing can be arranged any time in the season as per your requirement. Please let us know whether you would like to make it shorter or longer.

Pachermo Peak Climbing 24 Days