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Limi Valley Trek 21 Days

Limi Valley Trek 21 Days

Limi valley trek is one of the astonishing treks which is situated in far west and northern part of Nepal. It is close to the Tibetan border. It is an unknown valley in Humla is one of the remote districts of Nepal. Limi Valley Trek was officially opened for trekkers in 2002.

This region is renowned for its wildlife and plants. There are different kinds of animals like blue sheep, snow leopard, Himalayan bears, wild horses, mountain eagles, musk deer and so on. The herbs of Himalaya are found in this region. The main highlights of this trek are: Limi valley Buddhist culture, the landscapes, the North West border to Tibet, Hilsa town, glacial valley, Tshom Tsho lak, Nyalu pass and many more. Halji and Gombayok is the village known as living museum where you can see ancient Tibet during your trek. You can also see Tibetan culture having typical Tibetan language, tradition, and lifestyle.

You will see the mesmerizing mountain view of Api, Kanti, Kanjirowa, Byas Rishi, Saipal (7031) and so on.

The trekking starts from Simikot which is the district headquarter of Humla district. The route passes through green cliffs above the roaring of Karnali River. The first high pass that you will encounter is Nara La (4500m) which offers you the majestic view of mountains. You will see the picturesque villages of Til ‘the minor population of just 30 families and nearest to Tibet-China’, Hilga ‘it touches the other side of the border in Tibet’, and Jang ‘most populated town with 300 group of people’. 

You will get to see the flat-roofed mud houses. The valley is still remote due to its geographical remoteness. There is a lack of poverty and awareness. The locals are really kind-hearted and hard-working.

Some of them practice polyandry and occupy the highlands.  They will be welcoming you with a sweet smile. You can also visit ‘Rizing Ling Gompa’ which belongs to the Drikung Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhist like monasteries and it is 100 years old. It is said that he has built more than 108 monasteries and stupa. You will encounter the second high pass Nyalu La, from the valley you will get to see Mt. Kailash which is the holy mountain in Tibet and Gorlamdanda.

The next charming view, you will see is the Lake Mansarovar lying at the foothills of Kailash. You will end your trek in Lhasa through the high passes, lakes, and ancient cities.

The best time to trek Limi valley is in the month May and September are also famous for making the icy trek. The temperature depends on the altitude. The temperature ranges from about 15 degree Celsius to -10 degree Celsius at higher altitude. To trek Limi valley, trekkers should be physically fit.

The accommodation in this trek is two people will be sharing the tent. Trekkers should be fine with cold water as there is no hot shower and laundry service on this trek.

 Come trek, Limi Valley and create your own wonderful story. We are here to guide you throughout your trek with wonderful hospitality.

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Limi Valley Trek 21 Days