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Dorje Lakhpa Peak Climbing 16 days

Dorje Lakhpa Peak Climbing 16 days

Highlights of the climbing:

Journey with Local Sherpa

View of beautiful snow-capped mountains

Myriad bliss and pleasure while reaching the top

Dorje Lhakpa Peak Climbing of Langtang region is  great to challenge yourself of peak climbing. Being a non-renowned spot, it will fascinate you by satisfying your peak climbing needs. Apart from the difficulty while climbing this peak, it surprises you with a sudden change in the weather. Even the most skilled Sherpas (the local people) with their best tools get startled by the immediate change in the weather.

To discuss the region, the mountain rests at Jugal Himal. Langtang valley lies to the west and Mt. Shishapangma of Tibet lies to the north. This spot is the attraction for photographers, climbers, and trekkers. It gives the awesome view and of the very unique shape like a pyramid. Its is almost 7000 meters high. 

You will be able to witness the evergreen natural beauty of Langtang and Jugal Himal. The renowned Langtang Lirung which is over 7400 m in height, Gangchenpo, and Langtang II, both of which are over 6000 m and even the Naya Kanga are included in the terrific mountain vista. The gait with the Sherpas will definitely be memorable and notable.

Mt. Dorje Lakhpa has gathered quite a lot of interests not only from national climbers but foreign climbers as well especially from countries like Japan, Germany, France, Europe, and Italy. The first one to attempt the climb was Carlos Buhler in the 90s which got featured. It was first conquered in the 60s. But, Dorje Lakhpa peak is just not confined with historical climbing merits.

You embark on the journey from Dunche. Then, you walk through the dense tropicals and thick vegetation to reach Kyanjin Gompa. Enjoying the enchanting valley from Tsergo Ri, you reach the Basecamp at 5400 m. Then, you must fully put your effort and struggle with ropes, ice axe and ice screws and embark towards the summit. Just keep the ascent in check for proper acclimatization. You’ll experience an indescribable feeling after reaching  the top.

If you are physically fit to climb, then the Dorje Lhakpa Peak Climbing would be a great peak climbing experience. It could be one of the best experiences of your life. So, take this tour fast so that you can experience it on time. We don't know what will happen tomorrow. So why not now?

Dorje Lakhpa Peak Climbing 16 days