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Raj Kubir Kulung


Rajkubir Kulung was born 1991 in the Himalayan Everest Region Solukhumbu as a son of a simple local family. As his father, he soon started to work in the trekking business, beginning as a porter and working his path to become a guide. He began his work in the young age of 15 years and has since gained a 18 year long experience throughout all trekking regions of Nepal and has even guided groups through the Tibetean himalaya. One of Rajkubirs many skills is his very good english speaking, able to not only give explanations during the trek, but also able to answer all the questions regarding trekking, nature, culture and the history of the himalayan regions. A lot of people from Rajkubirs home town work in the Everest Region as guide lodge or shop owners. Therefore you can enjoy some special experiences and get a deeper connection with the whole Everest Region.

Nara Kubir Kulung

Trekking Guide

Narakubir  was born in 1994 lower solukhumbu Everest region he is son of normal family he has 9 years experience trekking on the himalayan he speaking well English he is guide regular guide from 2014 he doing excellent trip he have got government licence more information contac

Trekking Gude

Bindra kumar rai ( trekking guide) he was born mt Everest reason in 1980.

has trekking guide involved to step by step as a early as in 2002.promoted and  become now A level trekking guide in Nepal.he has a qualified, knowledge, professionalism, and experience English speaking very well easily can understand to each other helpful, stronger ,mostly knows to him nature mountain adventure trekking guide. Thank you.

Kumari Kulung

Trekking Guide and Climbing 

Kumari Kulung was born in 1989 lower solukhumbu Everest region   she was born in normal family and she women guide in Nepal she have 16 years experience speaking well English she have been India she leading Nepal and India she summit (7126m.) Mt. Himlung she is always happy mood she have got guide licence in 2015 please more information contact with us.thank you.

Sanjaya Kulung

Trekking Guide

Sanjaya Kulung born in 1994 inlower solukhumbu Everest region heav 6 years experience about on the himalyas he is speaking good English he have been 3 years in Malaysia and 2 years Qatar please more information contact with us. Namaste.